What is The best Protein powder for weight loss

Who does not want to look fit and beautiful himself!No matter what age he is. So to keep yourself fit the most important thing is to eat healthy food rich in proper nutrients and take proper care. But in this busy life it is not possible for everyone. So you can take The best Protein powder for weight loss 

 regularly to make your busy life easier and keep yourself fit. Because protein powder fulfills the protein needs of the body and keeps the body healthy. 

    Nowadays, in the developed countries of the world, The best Protein powder for weight loss 

 is taking the place of regular consumption in the first food list.Many people consume protein powders regularly to improve health or weight gain or weight loss.

what is the best protein powder for weight loss?

Protein powder is a powder that fulfills the protein needs of the body to keep the body healthy and functional. Protein is an essential macronutrient and helps muscles recover from daily wear and tear.Protein takes longer to digest.So it keeps the stomach full for a long time. As a result, it prevents cravings for unhealthy foods and ensures healthy food intake.

      High-protein, low-calorie foods include beans, fish, lentils, and egg whites. Protein powders are best for weight loss despite being low in calories. Because protein powder helps reduce hunger, the result is quick weight loss, but keeps the body active and fresh.So, if any one wants to get fit they have to take protein powder regularly. 

Amount of protein in the body

A person needs 0.8 to 1 gram of protein per kg of body weight daily. But

 Studies have shown that 70% of people suffer from protein deficiency and in some cases it is 80%.

According to nutritionists, both fast class and second class proteins need to be eaten to stay healthy.

The first class protein in the body comes from meat, fish, eggs and dairy products.

And the second class protein in the body comes from Chickpeas, Rajma, Chhatu, Nuts, Dals, Soybeans etc. 

Protein powder is needed when the body does not get enough protein from food. And it is easy to reduce weight loss by using The best Protein powder for weight loss 

Some source of Protein Powder 

The best Protein powder for weight loss powders are made from a variety of plant sources. Some sources are mentioned below:

  • Nuts: A great source of protein powder is a variety of nuts like cashews, pistachios, walnuts, almonds, etc. Nutrients of nuts keep bone structure and muscles strong. Improves brain performance.Helps prevent cancer and control blood pressure. 18.62 grams of protein and 580 calories per 100 grams of almond protein powder.
  • Seed or grain food: Another ingredient in protein powder is seed or grain foods. The omega 3 fatty acids present in it help in reducing blood sugar levels, bad cholesterol and high blood pressure. 23 grams of protein and 334 calories per 100 grams of seed protein powder.

Why need protein powder 

 Best Protein powder for weight loss are usually needed to meet protein needs. So below is the protein powder requirement analysis.

  1. Taking protein powder plays an important role in eliminating the inadequacy of protein in food i.e. protein deficiency in the body.
  2. People who eat vegetarians do not get protein in their diet. And for them protein powder plays a supporting role.
  3. Protein powder improves body composition as well as body performance. Balance body weight and also acts as a means of reducing the effects of lean muscle loss.
  4. People who exercise a lot need a lot of protein. And protein powder plays an important role in meeting this protein requirement.
  5. People who want to lose weight from being overweight have to  need protein powder.

Importance of protein powder for particular people

Child: Children between 2-6 years of age experience rapid physical growth as well as mental growth.At this age they spend a lot of energy as they play a lot of sports.So at this age children should keep nutritious food in their diet.But at this time children don’t want to eat much.

So they need extra care.For this reason, the demand for protein is reduced, so they grow less.Protein powder contains metabolism and all kinds of amino acids which help the intellectual and physical development of the child. So for their health growth, protein powder is an essential element. 

Adults : Adults have a lot of mental and physical stress to keep up with the busy city.And it wastes a lot of energy.Protein is needed to replenish the body’s loss, to achieve growth and to increase performance.Adults (19-65 years old) need 55 to 65 grams of protein daily. But their diet does not contain enough protein.Protein powder plays an important role in meeting their protein needs.

Diabetes patient : Diabetes is a chronic disease that can cause kidney failure, Heart Attack,  stroke and blindness.The main goal of diabetes treatment is to control blood sugar levels.To keep the body nourished and functional, 15 to 20 percent of total calories should be taken from protein foods.In this case, protein powder reduces blood sugar levels and increases the amount of amino acids to help control obesity. So,they must drink protein shakes. 

Athletics: Athletes or exercisers need to exercise regularly to build strong muscles and bones.It burns a lot of calories and requires more protein than usual. They require 1.5 to 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day.For them, protein powder plays an important role. So  those who exercise should consume  regular protein powder. It helps recover  their muscles. 

Some best Protein powders for weight loss 

There are several best Protein powders for weight loss. Although the price of protein powder is very high, some protein powders are cheaper.Below are the names of some of the expensive and inexpensive weight loss protein powders:

Some medicine name of protein powder for weight loss 

  1. Beauty  Fruit  Detox Fam(20 packet)-Japan :
  • Beauty Fruit Detox Fam is recommended by the American Women’s Health Association.
  • It is beneficial for weight loss without any side effects.
  • It causes weight loss from the whole body.
  • Eat one piece every day.
  • Every month it loses 5-8 kg weight. 
  • Its price is only 950 rupees  

     2.Omega 3,6,9 food supplement -30 pcs BD

  • Helps reduce excess cholesterol in the body.
  •  Helps reduce the risk of high blood pressure.
  • Helps to cure osteoporosis.
  • Helps skin healthy. 
  • Works to heal any inflammation quickly. 
  • Works to cure skin diseases. 
  • Works to improve eyesight.
  • Very beneficial during pregnancy and maternity.
  • Price is only 1050 rupees

   3.protein plus,  Soya high protein 400 MG Indian 

  • Soya protein is high in fiber (per 100 grams of soya contains 9.3 grams of fiber, more than oats).
  • It is important for the heart.
  • It reduces excess cholesterol in the body.  
  • It is beneficial for weight loss without any side effects. 
  • It also helps to reduce blood sugar. 
  • Soya protein is rich in minerals that strengthen bones and teeth.
  • Produces more energy in the body. 
  • The price is only 499 rupees.

  4. Diya car,  Natural healthy food protein 400g India. 

  •  Diya car reduces excess sugar from the body.
  • Fills the deficiency of meat. 
  • Cures diabetes, cancer and heart disease.
  • This is also a natural healthy food protein. 
  • Strengthens the vital cells of the pancreas of the body. 
  • There is no need to take synthetic insulin to control glucose levels.
  • It contains isoflavones. 
  • Its price is only 549 rupees.

5. Slimming capsule 30 pieces, Thailand. 

  • It is a max 7 days slimming capsule. 
  • It is recommended by Thailand. 
  • There are 36 capsules. 
  • It is helpful for weight loss. 
  • Slimming  capsules reduce the risk of heart disease. 
  • The product price is only 1175 Tk.

6.Nano fast slim capsule 45 mg USA 

  • It was made by the USA. 
  • It is a fast weight loss because it contains natural ingredients. 
  • 8 to 10 kg weight will be reduced in one month.
  • No diet is required.
  • Increases muscle fiber growth in the human body and relieves fatigue.
  • The price is only 1700 taka.

7. Creatine protein powder 

  • It is more effective in increasing muscle strength and size. 
  • It  reduces weight.
  • It contains arginine methionine and glycine.
  • Increases energy in the human body.
  • Creatine is essential for increasing the levels of IGF1 in the muscles that help the body develop it.
  • It helps reduce bad cholesterol.
  • Helps keep people with high blood pressure well. 
  • Strengthens the tissues of those who exercise.
  • The price is only 560 taka. 

8. Organ grass fed whey 

  • This protein powder tastes great without any artificial ingredients or flavor.
  • It does not contain any sugar. 
  • Prevents overeating. As a result, the weight balance is maintained.
  • It tastes very clean and fresh.
  • It also helps control dianetics. 
  • This medicine  has 21g grass fed protein, 1g sugar.
  • Organ grass fed whey reduces weight easily. 
  • The prices are only 1300 rupees. 

9.  Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey.

It is the best overall protein powder for weight loss. 

  • It doesn’t have any sweeteners and or colors. 
  • It helps strong muscles. 
  • It is also for muscle support and recovery. 
  • Prevents hunger and maintains nutritional quality.
  • This medicine has 24g of protein and 5.5g sugar. 
  • Increases performance.
  • It also increases immunity.
  • The price is only 700 taka. 

10. Naked Egg Protein Powder 

  • Naked Egg protein powder contains essential amino acids which are very important to keep the body healthy.
  • It is high in protein and low in calories which is great for weight loss.
  • Makeup for protein deficiency.
  • Controls glucose levels.
  • Beneficial for the heart.
  • The price is only 1100 taka. 

11. Casein protein powder shake 

  • It is a milk based protein.
  • Eat after exercise because it increases the rate of protein production in the muscles.
  • It is rich in amino acids that maintain nutritional balance.
  • As it digests slowly, it is better to eat it before going to bed.
  • This  price is only 800 taka 

It is possible to lose weight easily through these above protein powders. So know the rules and lose weight through protein powder and stay healthy.

How weight loss by protein powder

For weight loss, if you wake up in the morning and drink a glass of Protein powder for weight loss, you will lose weight. Or drinking it after a workout session will lead to weight loss. If you mix protein powder with a glass of water and make a protein shake, it is easily digestible. And after a glass of protein shake, you don’t need to eat anything for a long time.

Protein powder contains the amino acid, glutamine which helps in reducing excess fat from the body but provides essential energy.Whey proteins contain 30-80 percent protein. It is still free of fat and lactose. No fat accumulates in the body. And it helps in muscle growth.Protein powder is very important for those who exercise and lose weight. Because the muscles need fast-digesting protein after exercise, so that the protein can immediately restore the muscles.

When consuming protein powder

helps build muscles and muscles burn more calories than fat. So, the more muscles you have, the more calories you will burn, even at rest.  Protein powder is also a convenient  way to get more protein  in your diet. so below is a discussion of when to consume protein powder :

  • uncheckedIn breakfast : Protein powder can be consumed at breakfast to keep you going throughout your busy life in a day. So you can take protein powder in your breakfast. 
  • uncheckedMid morning : Protein powder is useful in the mid-morning to eliminate cravings after a while. Cures mid-morning hunger and keeps the body active.
  • uncheckedIn snacks : Protein powder is the perfect snack for the afternoon to get rid of the tiredness of the day and make the body more effective  and energetic.
  • uncheckedBed time: Drinking a protein shake before bed at night increases muscle protein synthesis overnight, increases muscle growth, improves muscle mass and helps improve sleep quality.So for good sleep you should consume protein powder before sleeping.
  • uncheckedAfter or before exercise : Exercising burns a lot of calories from the body.So consuming a protein shake 30 minutes before or after exercise helps speed up protein synthesis and strengthens muscles.
  • uncheckedFor patients : Medicines for any disease should be taken with doctor’s advice. In that case, the advice for the patients is that they must consult their doctor before consuming the protein shake.Patients will get better benefits by playing with the doctor’s advice as it contains a sufficient amount of protein which improves the body.

How to consume protein powder

It is possible to get the desired benefits if you know the rules of making protein powder or the rules of eating protein supplements correctly. In that case, many people prefer homemade protein powder as it is healthier than the market ones.

Let’s know how to make protein powder and consume it: 

  • Mixed with milk:Protein powder can be consumed at breakfast to keep you going throughout your busy life.Therefore, mixing protein powder with milk in the morning or before going to bed at night provides good benefits.But mixing protein powder with milk is a possibility to increase weight.
  • Mixed with water:protein powder can be taken with water to keep weight under control.But mixed with water,it doesn’t taste that good. But drinking it with water does not increase weight but keeps it under control. So  to keep weight under control,protein powder should be taken with water. 
  • Make smooth:protein powder can be blended with various fruits like bananas, Almonds and dates to make delicious smoothies. Nuts  and dates are rich in protein which is good for health. These delicious smoothie dishes  can be taken after breakfast.
  • With custard :A custard can be made and eaten by mixing protein powder with milk along with some chopped fruits such as apple, finger pomegranate, strawberry, avocado etc.By doing this, along with the protein powder, enough nutrients are obtained from the fruits and it can be eaten at mid morning.
  • Make drinks : Mix protein powder in lemon water and add some chia seeds and honey to make great drinks. Lemon contains vitamin C, honey makes hair and skin bright.So  this drink plays a very important role in maintaining good health. 

Bottom line  

From this article we know more about The best Protein powder for weight loss , how to take protein powder, how to drink it to get benefits. However, to keep the body  healthy  is no substitute for daily food to meet all the needs of the body. However, if there is any nutritional deficiency and medicine is required, then it is best to take it with the doctor’s advice. Because each thing has its merits and demerits. Similarly, protein powder also has its pros and cons. Taking this kind of Protein powder for a long time can cause kidney problems. 

Finally said that, people use Protein powder for building  and repairing muscles. Also supporting weight loss by increasing satiety and meeting increases  protein needs for athletes or individuals.

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