Top 10 tourist places in bangladesh


Bangladesh is our birthplace and lush land of natural beauty. Bangladesh, our country surrounded by unique beauty is very popular among tourists.  Whenever people get a chance, they rush to any part of the country to observe its beauty.  Being busy in the battle of life, sometimes people get tired. Being busy in the battle of life, one gets tired at times. The unique nature of Bangladesh attracts people from different countries now let’s know about the Top 10 tourist places in Bangladesh. Below are the top 10 tourist places in Bangladesh:

Top 10 tourist places in bangladesh

      1. Kuakata Sea Beach: The sea can be a perfect place to travel to get rid of all the tiredness and frustration of daily life.  The warm sand of the sea and the rhythm of the waves can remove all the indifference and boredom of human life. Kuakata is located in Patuakhali district.  Sunrise can be seen directly from this beach Apart from the beach, it has many other places to visit.

      • The well that gave it the name “Kuakata” can also be visited if desired.  It is located in Keranipara, home to the Rakhines. This ancient well is still there as a witness of history.

      • Thousands of red crabs can be found at Crab Island. This island can be seen from the seashore to the east.

      • If you proceed westward from the seashore, you will reach Shuntki Palli. Here you can see the process of making the fishermen’s dry fish. You can buy and take away your favorite dry fish. 

    Top 10 tourist places in bangladesh


         2. Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach: One of the places to visit in Bangladesh is Cox’s Bazar Beach. This beach in the south of Bangladesh is also very popular with foreign tourists.  The fame of its beauty is widespread in the country and abroad.  There are many places to visit here. If you come to Cox’s Bazar, you can visit these nearby places:–

        • St. Martin: St. Martin Known as a coral island, you can enjoy the unique natural beauty of St. Martin.  Locals call it Coconut Jinjira.   It is about 8 km in length and hardly more than 1 km in width.

        •  Himsori: Blue sea on one side, green hills on the other side, Himchari can be visited through Marine Drive in between. It has a very beautiful mountain spring, next to the spring there is a staircase that climbs up the mountain and you can see the horizon wide sea.

        • Moheskhali Beach: You can go to Maheshkhali island and see the production of betel, shrimp, salt, dried fish, and pearls.  This forested island is located on the shores of the Bay of Bengal. Mahe top of Mainak Hill at the edge of the ocean. Maheshkhali sweet betel is very famous.  There is a golden temple which is another attraction for tourists.  There is also the Adinath Temple of Sanatan religion followers which is situated on the top of Mainak Hill at the edge of the ocean.


             3. Rangamati: If you want to get lost in the green beauty of nature, you can visit Rangamati.  Rangamati is a small town located in Chittagong Division.  Its location is in the southeastern region.  Due to the natural beauty of Rangamati, covered with green hills, lakes, and rivers, this place is a favorite for tourists from home and abroad to spend their leisure time.  Rangamati is also called Lake City.

          • Kaptai Lake: Kaptai Lake is the largest artificial Lake in South Asia.  This Lake’s infinite beauty is one of the main attractions of Rangamati travel.  Although the Lake is artificial, the environment around it is very beautiful.  During the rainy season, the fountains around it are in their full form.

          • Sajek Valley: Sajek Valley is located in Baghaichhari of Rangamati district which is very popular and attractive to tourists from home and abroad.  The hills here, the rows of clouds on the hills, and the sudden change in nature will fascinate the tourists.  On the way to Sajek Valley, you can enjoy the beautiful beauty.  The Lusai people living here have been living in this place for hundreds of years.

            •  Hanging  Bridge: Although the name is Hanging, the hanging bridge is actually not that much hanging.  It was built in 1984.  A slight wobble is felt when walking over it.  You can rent a boat around it if you want.

              •  Shublong Jharna: The beauty of Shublong Jharna is indescribable.  It is a very beautiful sight like other fountains.  This waterfall can be seen 25 km inland from Rangamati Sadar.  If you can take extra clothes with you, then you can bathe in the water this spring.

            Top 10 tourist places in bangladesh


               4.  Bandarban: Bandarban is one of the three hill districts of Bangladesh.  Bandarban also has a lot of reputation as one of the top 10 tourist places in Bangladesh.  There are many places to visit that are very attractive to tourists.

                •  Nilgiris: One of the most beautiful tourist centers in Bangladesh is Nilgiris, known as the “Darjeeling of Bengal”.  Its horizon wide green mountains, and white cotton clouds will make you fall in love with nature.

                  •  Golden Temple: Golden Temple is popular as a sightseeing place.  It is near Bandarban.  9 km away.  It looks golden in color.  That is why it is known as Golden Temple. It is primarily a pilgrimage site for Buddhists.  Various Buddhists from home and abroad come here to visit and pray.  Its structure is similar to pagodas in China, Myanmar, and Thailand.

                    •  Nafakhum: Tourists who love adventure and trekking must visit Nafakhum Falls at least once with its undulating rocky water.  To reach here one has to go from Thanchi Bazar to Remankri Union via the Sangu River.  Many people call Nafakhum Falls the Niagara of Bengal.

                      •  Kewkradong: The Kewkradong hill was once considered the highest mountain in Bangladesh.  Its height is 3172 feet.  Those who want to climb the mountain can come to Bandarban and visit this mountain.  Around it are the residences of the Marma tribals.

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                       5. Shat Gombuz Mosque: Shat Gombuz Mosque is located in Khulna.  It is located in the Bagerhat District of Khulna Division.  Every year many tourists come here from home and abroad. Although it has 60 domes in name, it actually has 81 domes.  This mosque was built by the famous Sufi saint Khan Jahan Ali around the 15th century.  It was recognized as a World Heritage Center by UNESCO in 1983.

                    Top 10 tourist places in bangladesh

                        6. Sundarbans: The Sundarbans are located in the coastal region in the south of Bangladesh.  Sundarbans is spread over Khulna, Satkhira, and Bagerhat districts. Sundarbans is the world’s largest intact forest.  It has been declared as one of the World Heritage by UNESCO.  It is the largest mangrove forest located between India and Bangladesh.  It extends from the Baleshwar River in Khulna to the Hooghly River in West Bengal, India.

                     Here are the Royal Bengal Tiger Kingdom, Maya Deer, and various bird and animal fairs.  There are also beautiful trees, Garan, Gewa, Keora, and various types of trees including pine.  Many endangered species like estuarine crocodiles, and Ganga river dolphins.

                     Thousands of tourists visit Sundarbans every year.  Most people think that travelers should visit tigers at least once in their lifetime.


                          7.  Nijhum Island: Nijhum Island is a small island in Bangladesh.  It is located in the Hatia district of Noakhali.  Bangladesh’s government declared it as a national park on April 8, 2001.  Fishermen discover Nijhum Island while fishing.  A lot of ‘Icha fish’ (shrimp fish) was caught near the area of Nijhum island, hence it was called Ichamati’s island by the fishermen. 

                    The beginning of human settlement is not long.  There are beautiful mangrove forests here.  At night, in the morning, many deer rush out of the forest.  Which reaches the locality and goes back to the forest.  It is an interesting place among the top 10 tourist places in Bangladesh.  People can visit this beautiful potential tourist spot for a short vacation.

                           8.  Jaflong: Jaflong is located at the foothills of the Khasia-Jainta Hills bordering Meghalaya, India.  The location of this Jaflang is in Goainghat Upazila of Sylhet.  People from other countries including Bangladesh rush here.

                       The attractions of Jaflong are:-

                        • Suspension Bridge (Dawki Harbour, India)

                        • Clearwater from rocks and springs

                        • Lalakhul

                        •  Tamabil,

                        •  Jaintapur

                        •  Sangram Punji Jharna 

                      Top 10 tourist places in bangladesh


                             9.  Bangabandhu Safari Park: Bangabandhu Safari Park is located in Mauna Union in Sripur Upazila of Gazipur District.  Bangabandhu Safari Park is rich in small dunes and shalbans.  This park was built in 2013 in imitation of Safari World in Thailand.

                       One of the attractions here is the Core Safari.  In other words, tigers, lions, and other animals roam around outside and tourists travel in minibusses.  If you want to experience such a roaring tiger or a roaring lion, you have to visit this park.  There are many birds.  There are restaurants where you can directly see tigers and lions.  This safari park is one of the best places to visit with so many attractions.

                              10. Tanguar Howar: Tanguar Howar is one of the top 10 tourist places in Bangladesh.  Beautiful view as the picture.  It is located at the foot of Meghalaya Hills in Tahirpur Upazila of Sunamganj District.  More than 30 springs from Meghalaya join this Howrah.  Hot water, wetlands, clear blue sky, mountains, and eye-catching greenery make this Howrah unique.  If you want to give yourself a good memory, there will be very few alternatives to this haor.

                      Can’t finish talking about the beauty of Bangladesh.  One has to be confused about which is the best place.  The Creator has given Bangladesh a unique feature.  This immense gift of nature colors the human mind.  Fills the pages of memory with a natural joy that remains evergreen in the corner of the mind.