Personal injury lawyer California

A tort is a civil wrong. This civil negligence can cause damages. The defendant has to pay compensation for this mistake.  Some torture is a punishable offence.  It is punishable by imprisonment.  These tort laws have some primary purpose.  Compensating the affected people.  And to keep people from sinning. The defendant pays monetary compensation to the victim. 

For example, loss of earning capacity, medical expenses, pain.  This includes compensation for the present and future.  Compensation for physical and mental suffering is also awarded.  This is what personal injury lawyers work for.  Now we will discuss in detail about personal injury lawyer California

 A personal injury lawyer

 A personal injury lawyer helps people who are victims. It is for various accidents, intentional causes.  Provide them with legal assistance.  Also provides legal aid to the injured party. When they are victims of negligence or lack of care. 

Personal injury lawyers help their clients recover financial compensation.  These aids are for injury or emotional distress.  Personal injury lawyer California work in a variety of ways.  E.g.- Defective products, motor vehicle accidents, slip/fall accidents.  There is also compensation for damages for workplace injuries, medical malpractice.

Personal Injury Lawyer California

 What Personal Injury Lawyers Do:

 A personal injury lawyer deals with a wide variety of cases.  For example:

  •  Motor vehicle accident
  •  Boat  accident
  •  Plane  crash
  •  Motor vehicle accident
  •  Burn injury
  •  Sushuman injury
  •  Neglect of Child Day Care
  •  Wrongful death,
  •  Pedestrian accidents
  •  Construction accident
  •  Defective product
  •  Insurance claims
  •  Animal bite injury
  •  Transportation accident
  •  Medical malpractice
  •  Nursing home abuse
  •  Slip and fall accidents etc

 In which you will get compensation

 You can get compensation for various purposes.  The quantum of compensation depends on the facts and circumstances of each case.  In this case you will get various types of compensation-

  •  Emotional distress
  •  Loss of Consortium
  •  Emotional pain
  •  Loss of future profits
  •  Compensation for loss of pleasant/consensual business
  •  Clinical costs
  •  Marital prospects
  •  Compensation for profit loss
  •  Remuneration for care and assistance
  •  Loss of income
  •  Lose earning power

 Various kinds of Torts 

 A branch of tort law is personal injury law.  This branch deals with victims of physical or mental abuse.  There are different types of torture.  Trespassing, Assault, Accident with Battery Operated Vehicle.  There are also torts like negligence, product liability. 

Torts are three categories:

 1.  Intentional Torts: An intentional tort is an intentional injury to a person.

 2.  Negligence: An accident caused by not obeying traffic rules. 

 3.  Strict Liability Torts: Liability for manufacturing and selling defective products is strict.

 Wrongs that the defendant knew or should have known are intentional torts.  However, these mistakes occur due to negligence or inaction of the defendant.  These are victims of negligence because the defendant’s works were unreasonably unsafe. Torts of strict liability do not depend on the degree of fault of the defendant.  This is an institutional mistake.  A specific work loss can cause this.

 Tort law is state law creating by judges and legislators.  Many judges and states use it as a dominant law.  This is a statement prepared by the American Law Institute.  Its purpose is to reduce crime in the United States.


 Generally financial support has been given for damages.  The compensation has been given to recover for breach of some duty or breach of some right. A personal injury lawyer does this.

 Two types of punishment are:

 1.  Compensatory and

 2.  Punitive

 Compensatory punishment is suggesting names.  Here the injured party is compensated for his loss or injury.  Again, punitive damages are to punish the wrongdoer.  There are also different words for punishment.  For example “liquidated damages” (these are contractually established damages).  And “nominal damages” (where the court awards a nominal amount like one dollar).  For some injuries, plaintiffs are far more than their actual damages.  For example – treble damage.

 All forms of compensation are to control crime.  There are general principles for this.  It is generally recognized by all.  For example, punitive damages are for breach of contract.  Damages for the breach are unreasonable, and willful.

 Product Defects Act

 Product liability refers to any damage caused by that product.  This implies the responsibility of the product manufacturer. When disruption of any product. It includes a component parts manufacturer, an assembling manufacturer. And a wholesaler or a retailer.  Defective products are covered by lawsuits. And they cause harm to a consumer.

 Find a Personal Injury lawyer California

 One person’s negligence can cause injury to another person.  Then it falls under personal injury law.  Such as car accidents, medical malpractice, product liability, workplace hazards and slips/falls.  You may be a victim of any such incident.  So you need to find a personal injury lawyer.  You need a lawyer to recover your medical expenses, compensate for lost wages.  And this is a great step to deal with pain.

 You should speak with an attorney to resolve your issue.  Share many personal details with them.  So you must feel comfortable sharing with them.

 Find trusted referral sources

 You will find referrals by listening to trusted sources and receptive people.  Get ideas from your friends, relatives and colleagues.  They hire an attorney for personal injury cases.  Then you will know who to hire for your injury help.  You can also check online if you want to recruit.  And can also read reviews on Google.

Personal Injury Lawyer California

Best Personal Injury Lawyer in California 

1. Michael L. Baum

University of California,

 Los Angeles School of Law

The practice area is:
  • Mass torts
  • Medical and pharmaceutical products liability 
  • Class actions
  • Whistleblower lawsuits 

2. Kavin R. Boyle

University of Arizona, James E. Rogers College of Law 

The practice area is:

  • Wrongful Death 
  • Catastrophic personal injury 
  • Sexual assault and abuse
  • Fraud and invasion of privacy 

3. Bruce A. Broillet

University of Texas School of Law 

The practice area is: 

  • Wrongful death
  • Catastrophic personal injury 
  • Product liability 
  • Professional malpractice 
  • Business litigation 

4. Tom Keating

The practice area is:

  • Auto accidents 
  • Big big accidents 
  • Motor- cycle and by- cycle accidents 
  • Slip – fall and unsafe condition accidents 
  • Accidents caused by Unsafe products.

5. G. Ronald Feenberg

University of San Diego Schools of Law 

The practice area is:

  • Workers compensation, personal injury.

6. Dr. Steven A. Heimberg

University of California

 Los Angeles,  School of Law 

The practice area is:

  • Personal injury 
  • Medical malpractices 
  • Product liability

7. Pete Kaufman

Florida Fredric G. Levin School of Law

The practice area is :

  • Catastrophic injury
  • Mass torts
  • Product liability 

8. Philip Miche

University of California

 Los Angeles 

 School of Law 

 The practice area is 

  • Medical malpractice 
  • Birth injury
  • Brain injury, spinal cord injury
  • Child injury 
  • Personal injury 

9. David M. Ring

University of Southern California, 

Gould School of Law 

The practice area is 

  • Sexual abuse
  • Personal injury
  • Wrongful death
  • Motor vehicles accidents 
  • Products liability and premises liaRobert

10. Lissa A. Roberts

University of Southern California, 

Gould School of Law 

The practice area is 

  • Personal injury 
  • Premises liability
  • Wrongful death

11. Dennis J. Sherwin

Loyola University School of Law

The practice area is 

  • Personal injury 
  • Wrongful death
Personal Injury Lawyer California

Personal Injury Lawyer California Salary

Personal injury attorney salary ranges vary.  It depends on education, certification, and additional skills.  Again depending on which city you live in and much more.  However, the average personal injury lawyer salary in California is set as of May 25, 2023.  That’s $96,343.  But this salary range typically falls between $82,134 and $111,444


 It is very good to have a personal injury lawyer. You get injured in an accident.  At this time he will make you aware of your rights.  And he will compensate you through various options.  Insurance laws in California are complex.  This is why everyone hires a personal injury lawyer in this city.  Hiring a personal lawyer is very important.  Every citizen of California has insurance. 

But not all citizens have an idea about it.  Also insurance companies always want to settle claims for less than fair value.  So a personal injury lawyer helps his client to get their fair rights.  So the defendant cannot settle the situation by giving anything less than what is due.  Focus on healing after you’ve been hurt.  Your personal injury lawyer will take care of everything else.

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